About Kitchen End

Executive Summary

Mission Statement

Our mission is to overcome common health issues related to nutrition, excuses, and time. By producing nutritious food with your personal profile in mind. Whether you are just starting out or competing at a high level, personal profiles matter.

What we do

With food options for recent health trends, to specific demands of individual based on needs. We strive to deliver the best for each individual fully prepared meals. Delivery based business to meet Houston’s busy people that make it go without the guilt but with results.


With 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition and training, the struggle was getting people to take the initiative for themselves by giving them as much up to date information for them to succeed. That was not enough, they would get swamped by the daily whirlwind and would just have take out. If we knew our client’s are to succeed, it was going to be done by our hands in the kitchen.

About us


Our goal is to learn from those that didn’t make it in this sector and to learn from those that are succeeding and compete to give the best quality of food to the people. Doing this will allow us to help fight the common health issues we face and help reduce it. Target market will be the people on the go and simply don’t have time to cook or don’t know what to eat when they have a chance to cook for themselves.

How will we stand out?

We will focus on the individual. By having each customer fill out a short survey of questions that will feed into an algorithm that calculates that individuals need and helps our staff formulate the measurement of that person when the order is up.

How will it be helpful?

With cooking being a task on its own and over 10,000 restaurants in Houston we would save time and have macro specific meals for those in need. If not macro based, no problem, we will also have sized based dishes for those that simply love our tasty food as an option.

Market Analysis

Ins/Outs of the industry

With Amazon purchasing Whole Foods and mobile apps for food delivery popping up, we know that delivery of healthy nutritious food is on the rise and the future. Local competition can first dive in before the whales get their wheels moving. With strong marketing and consistency of our food, we can compete.

How will our company fit?

Since 2014 digital ordering and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. By 2022 restaurants who wont offer online food ordering & delivery will lose over 70% of their customers to online businesses. Proof would be Chipotle as the most recent to offer a new food item and with a “now delivering” in their commercials.

Consumers to Market to?

Gen Z and Millennials are the ones who orders the most online and are very satisfied with delivery services. Of the two groups, 86% are using delivery service at least once a month. 57% of millennials say that they have food delivered so they can watch movies and tv shows at home. With our meals they can pop in a microwave and heat in 3 mins. Guilt free eating while not moving. On the other end of the spectrum we will also be reaching to service those that need specific needs due to common health issues and up to the professional athletes who need to be fueled regularly.

Competitive Analysis

With past companies going into this business, taste was a huge factor and tried to cover the blan with sauces. It still happens today with competitors in this market. We have met with sou chefs to help cover this aspect to assist in making sure we have consistency in our foods with taste. This will be a niche of ours that the clients can receive the required macros needed for their health desires without compromising taste.